Patron of 7ICC&GIS

Mr. Dimiter Glavchev, Chairman of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, gave his consent to be a patron of 7th International Conference on Cartography & GIS.

Agreement for Cooperation between Bulgarian Red Cross and Bulgarian Cartographic Association

Agreement for cooperation and joint activity signed Bulgarian Red Cross and Bulgarian Cartographic Association on 15. 06. 2017

The Parties have agreed to cooperate in:

  • Education and disaster response, disaster relief and crisis response, early warning of the population and risk reduction;
  • Conducting and participating in national, regional and international meetings, conferences, seminars, exercises, etc .;
  • cooperation in the fields of education, science and the use of new technologies, including mapping and geoinformation technologies for early warning of the population in disasters;
  • other activities that would be useful and would contribute to the development of both organizations and society.

In the picture acad. Hristo Grigorov, dr. And Prof. Dr. Temenujka Bandrova

The Secretary General of BCA in ICA News

The Secretary General of the Bulgarian Cartographic Association Dr. Eng. Silvia Marinova tells about her passion for cartography and the beginning of her inspiration in the latest issue of ICA News.

The article can be read here (page 6)

Yoana Sandinska – winner of Digiral Earth video competition

Eng. Yoana Sandinska, former student at UACEG, specialization on Cartography, and currently a PhD student at NIGGG, BAS, won the video competition for young scientists “Digital Transformation – Our Future”, organized for the second time by International Society for Digital Earth.
The award for Yoana was the opportunity to participate in the International Symposium on Digital Earth, hosted in Sydney, Australia, 3-6 April, 2017, where the video clip was presented, and the author gave a short speech about the history of its creation.

You can watch the video here!