FIG Working Week 2015 – Article of the Month

main_6The paper “Thematic Mapping for Disaster Risk Assessment in Case of Earthquake” is selected as FIG article of the month – May.

Each month, FIG publishes an article of the month on the web site and in FIG newsletter. The article is normally an article of general relevance, best practice, new research etc. which may be relevant to many readers.

You can see the paper here!

Cartographic exhibition, FIG Working Week, Sofia 2015


BCA organized a Cartographic exhibition with the support of ICA on the occasion of International Map Year during the FIG Working Week 17-21 May 2015, Sofia.

Exhibition participants:

Bulgarian Cartographic Association, Barbara Petchenik Competition-National level
Cartographic Studio DavGEO, Bulgaria
Croatian Cartographic Society
DataMap-Europe, Bulgaria
GEOPAN Ltd, Bulgaria
GIS-Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria
KartGeo Ltd., Blugaria
Military Geographic Service, Bulgaria
University of Pristina
University of Tetovo, FYRO Macedonia

International Map Year 2015-2016, Speaking session, FIG Working Week 19 May 2015


International Map Year 2015-2016, Speaking session, FIG Working Week 19 May 2015

Chair: Prof. Georg Gartner, President ICA, Austria
Rapporteur: Prof. Dr. Temenoujka Bandrova, President, Bulgarian Cartographic Association

A Short Note on the The International Map Year 2015/16 by Prof. Georg Gartner, President, ICA

Zbyněk Štěrba, Milan Konečný and Čeněk Šašinka (Czech Republic):
Research on Usability Testing and Cognitive Issues of Cartographic Visualizations in the Context of Different Groups of Users

Georg Gartner (Austria):
A Basemap for Austria

Silvia Marinova, Temenoujka Bandrova, Mihaela Kouteva-Guentcheva and Stefan Bonchev (Bulgaria):
Thematic Mapping for Disaster Risk Assessment in Case of Earthquake

Bashkim Idrizi (Macedonia, FYROM), Ismail Kabashi and Atdhe Buzhala (Kosovo):
Mobile Application Based on Android Platform for Referent Points of Third Order in the City of Prishtina

Phileppe De Maeyer, K. De Coene, B De Wit, K Ooms and M Van den Berghe (Belgium):
Development of a Tool Allowing the Elaboration of a Geographical Database of Early Modern Flanders and Brabant

Temenoujka Bandrova (Bulgaria):
Bulgarian Cartographic Association – Mission and Strategic Development